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Welcome to the HSPVA Piano Department!

The HSPVA Piano Department is a Classical performance program. Our goal is to enhance the technical skills, scholarly knowledge, and musical faculties of each of our students in the most nurturing and productive piano performance environment possible.

The HSPVA Piano Department is a close-knit community consisting of anywhere between 20 to 26 pianists. The relatively small size of our department allows for a high degree of individual attention and small class sizes.

The HSPVA Piano program is designed to reinforce the work of our students’ private piano instructors. Many of our students go on to pursue their post-high school studies at the most prestigious music schools and conservatories in the country – schools like The Juilliard School, Oberlin Conservatory, Peabody Conservatory, the Eastman School of Music, the Moores and Shepherd Schools of Music, among others.

Piano Performance
All piano students are expected to perform at least four times during the school year for each of our four major piano solo concerts. In addition to piano solo repertoire, one of our concerts will feature piano ensemble repertoire (either one piano-four hands or two pianos music), which will train students to play with and listen to other musicians, in preparation for effective chamber music collaboration and vocal accompanying. We also have four more casual in-school day recitals between our official evening recitals in order to promote consistent and intensive practice.

Guest Performers/Master Classes
Piano students will have the opportunity to hear first-rate guest performers and play for master classes. The inspiration drawn from these in-school concerts is an important reason for the high motivation level of our students. We also organize several group concert-going, school-subsidized opportunities to events by the Houston Symphony, Da Camera Society, the Moores and Shepherd Schools of Music, the Society for the Performing Arts, the Friends of Music, and other quality Houston cultural institutions. Students learn a great deal by being exposed to great talent making great music.

Chamber Music and Vocal Accompanying
Vocal accompanying involves piano students playing/accompanying for different HSPVA vocal groups and singers. All students are expected to do two years of vocal accompanying, which is a necessary skill for any working pianist.

Keyboard Skills
This class focuses on the development of technical skills that every pianist needs, such as harmonization, figured bass reading, transposition, sight reading, and duet playing.



Length of audition: 15 minutes

What to bring: The scores of all music to be performed

What to expect: Students auditioning for the Classical Piano Program will:

  1. Perform, by memory, two or three solos from different musical periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic or 20th/21st Century.
  2. Play major and harmonic minor scales, four octaves and hands together.
  3. Sightread.

To apply for Classical Piano at HSPVA, please go to the following link: