Nuevo Jalisco and Pasajeros Warm-up May Concert 2017

HSPVA Mariachi LogoWelcome to the HSPVA Mariachi Ensemble Page!

As a part of the instrumental department, the HSPVA Mariachi Program is a blend of folk and classical musicianship. The traditional instrumentation for a mariachi is violin, trumpet, vihuela, guitar, guitarra de golpe, harp, guitarron and voice. Students meet as an ensemble for about 3 hours every other day. Our vision is to cultivate each student’s individual musicianship, develop a sense of teamwork through our ensemble rehearsal and create an environment that encourages collaboration with HSPVA’s other art areas. Our program is made up of two ensembles: Mariachi Nuevo Jalisco and Mariachi Los Pasajeros

Mariachi Nuevo Jalisco

Nuevo Jalisco In Class Picture

As our intermediate group, Mariachi Nuevo Jalisco gives our students (both new and returning) an opportunity to learn, discover and understand the styles, nuances and art form of mariachi music as well as making the connection between the history and theory with the music itself. Students in this ensemble are trained with the goal of becoming members of our advanced ensemble…

Mariachi Los Pasajeros

Pasajeros UIL Picture

As the face of our mariachi program, students in the award-winning Mariachi Los Pasajeros play some of the more advanced mariachi music in various facets of performance from gigs and stage performances to contests and competitions throughout the state. Students of this ensemble have performed and competed for different venues and events from the Miller Outdoor Theater and Wortham Theater to the Houston Rodeo and Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza in San Antonio, Texas.

Regardless of which ensemble a student participates in, all students in the HSPVA Mariachi Program are strongly encouraged to take private lessons on their instrument, voice or both throughout their time at HSPVA.

Audition Requirements:

All students interested in audition for the HSPVA Mariachi program, please click on the link below.